Your environment this week: Science behind Kerala floods, tree planting family tradition, Amaravati at a standstill

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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As floods repeat this year in Kerala, experts point to climate change

A meteorological unpredictability is looming large over South India and it’s more visible in Kerala and environmental hotspots like Nilgiris and Coorg, say experts.

Kerala floods: Unpacking the reasons for heavy, sustained rainfall

As heavy rains lash Kerala exactly a year after the devastating 2018 floods, researchers point to eerily similar conditions: a depression over Bay of Bengal, and the Western Ghats funneling moisture-laden winds.

Family plants over 6000 trees in Mumbai and inspires communities

The Athalye family is continuing a two decade long tradition: planting native trees in populated suburban Mumbai. They have also setup a butterfly part at Aarey.

Amaravati capital city project: From utopia to an uncertain future

Amaravati, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, stares at a bleak future after the pullout of major investors and the lack of political will due to change of the state government.

Mumbai’s fishers relieved after courts pause the coastal road project

In July 2019, the Bombay High Court ordered a stop on all activities related to the coastal road project in Mumbai. The order has provided temporary relief to the Koli community of Mumbai, a traditional fishing community.

Enormous alien fish spotted in Kerala’s rivers after the 2018 floods

Kerala researchers have found that alien fish species, arapaima and alligator gar, were caught from four rivers after the floods of 2018.

How going organic brought hope to MP’s cotton farmers and wildlife around them

A project in MP between Pench and Satpuda tiger reserves is working with 6000 cotton farmers to encourage them to go organic, which will also help wildlife in the area.

Cadre of community professionals to help implement Meghalaya water policy

Meghalaya’s water policy seeks to address its water conservation paradox: despite having an abundance of rainfall, Meghalaya faces challenges in water management.

‘Green walls’ can help combat desertification, says IPCC report

The report discussed that better land management practices can help in tackling climate change. It also stressed on protecting land to ensure global food security.

Pollution control in coal-based thermal power plants will cost money, but benefits will outweigh

It would cost coal-fired power plants Rs 730-860 billion to install technology to control pollutants; an increase of Rs 0.6 per unit for consumers. Not adopting these measures will impact the health of millions.

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