Your Environment This Week: Bhujia fish, choking Gurugram and sinking Narmada Valley

Noorji Vasave of Chimalkhedi village. Photo by Kanchan Srivastava.

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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The 11-year-old who’s holding governments accountable for inaction on climate change

Ridhima Pandey talks to Mongabay-India about mobilising youth to contribute to climate action.

Salt pans save Mumbai from floods. So why are they under threat?

Opening up of salt pans for real estate development could adversely impact ecology, as salt pans act as a natural barrier to flooding, among other ecological benefits.

Mountain of waste in Aravallis casts a shadow in villages nearby

Bandhwari landfill at Gurugram-Faridabad road is threatening the biodiversity and health of people in villages in Haryana.

Named after ‘bhujia’, a new species of underground fish pops up in Kerala

Named after its resemblance to bhujia (the snack), the first subterranean species of eel loaches (Pangio bhujia) has surfaced from Kerala’s laterite areas.

Sky-bound Navi Mumbai airport leaves project-affected behind

Blasting of hills, levelling for ground and diversion of the Ulwe river for the project has already begun. About 3,500 families are expected to be impacted by the project.

India’s millennium city is choking

Gurugram is counted among the world’s most polluted cities. A large number of diesel generators, polluting vehicles and destruction of the Aravalli range are considered the prime reasons for the poor air quality.


Water woes: Kutch’s age-old Ajrakh craft faces its nemesis, once again

Ajrakh from Gujarat, a 16-stage, a water-intensive block printing technique that uses natural dyes, is once again facing its major nemesis-poor quality of groundwater.

Manibeli village in the Narmada valley decides to boycott Maharashtra polls

Villagers cite a lack of electricity and road connectivity even after 72 years of independence. Manibeli was the first village submerged in the Sardar Sarovar Dam project 25 years ago.

Survival, not elections, on the agenda in this Maharashtra village

On 17 September, 2019, when Gujarat’s Sardar Sarovar Dam reservoir was filled to its highest level, Bamani village, barely 20 km away from the dam was gasping for life.

Preparedness remains inadequate even as floods become an annual affair in Kerala

Experts are now demanding stringent implementation of existing environmental laws to prevent largescale destruction in the future.

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