Your Environment This Week: Climate change storytellers, delayed Alphonso, open wells trap for leopards

Gubbi photographed the same leopardess in the Bukkapatna reserved forests in 2015, a year after it was released there. Photo by Sanjay Gubbi/ Nature Conservation Foundation.

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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[Editorial] Environmental reality and hope in the time of economic slowdown

Mongabay-India’s two new series, ‘Environomy’ and ‘Eco Hope’, will look at the environmental impacts of economic deceleration on one hand and solutions on the other.


Leopards fall into deep open wells in Karnataka

Between 2008 and 2017, Karnataka witnessed 70 instances of leopards falling into open wells. Most of the falls occurred during the monsoon, when visibility could be low due to heavy downpours.

Two storytellers unmask the human face of climate change

Concerned about the increasing climate crisis, an Indian writer/photographer and British filmmaker are on a journey to capture people’s attention through human stories from the frontlines of climate change in Nepal.

Arrival of alphonso mangoes this year impacted by unexpected weather

Production of mangoes is expected to be around 30 to 40 percent less this year and is likely to arrive in the market only by the end of April unlike mid-March every year.

Satellite data uncovers health decline in 25 percent of Sundarbans mangroves

The number of mangroves in the Sundarbans, spanning India and Bangladesh, hasn’t reduced significantly in the last 30 years. However, there is evidence of a decline in the health of about 25 percent of the mangrove trees, a study has said.

Government makes re-grassing of mined-out areas mandatory

It is a significant order as abandoning of mines or improper land reclamation following mine closure has been a regular complaint of environmentalist and activists.

A journey from protecting India’s national bird to the corridors of power

Newly-elected Member of Parliament from the east Indian state of Odisha, Pramila Bisoyi, is known for her grassroots conservation efforts, particularly protection of the peacocks around Pakidi hills in Odisha.

Most forest fires in India on account of human activity

Experts recommend that fire management should focus on prevention not suppression and tribal communities with traditional knowledge should be roped in for effective management.

Envt ministry releases procedure to deal with anthrax deaths in elephants

Anthrax is a widespread infectious disease found throughout the world and is considered to be a very serious infectious disease of herbivorous animals.

Palm oil processing industry taking over habitat of endangered proboscis monkey

The oil palm processing industry in Indonesia has becoming the biggest cause of the loss of habitat for the endangered proboscis monkey in Indonesia’s Balikpapan Bay.

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