Your Environment This Week: Elephants blocked, saving Darbhanga’s ponds & a rediscovered plant

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Hyderabad floods highlight the need for disaster mitigation and climate resilience plan

Hyderabad witnessed sudden spells of heavy downpour, cloud bursts and flash floods over a week in mid-October.

Assam’s tribal communities lost land and forest to mining

For years, Assam’s rainforests in and around the Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary have been bearing the brunt of coal mining, both illegal and legal.

Saving Darbhanga’s wetlands from encroachment and apathy

Around a decade ago, in Darbhanga, Bihar, Narayan Choudhary started the Talab Bachao Abhiyan, a campaign to save the heritage and wealth of the region – its ponds.

Electric fence on the Indo-Nepal border puts migrating elephants and humans at risk

A solar-powered fence erected by Nepal abruptly cut off the transboundary movement of elephants and has increased human-elephant conflicts on the Indian side of the border.

India’s largest coalfield to expand, green cover under threat

Home to several coal mining projects, Odisha’s Angul district stares at a bleak future with more coal projects planned in the area.

The Todas may have moved up the Nilgiris 3500 years ago: study

The Toda and their buffalo herds may have moved up the Nilgiris 3500 years ago in response to climate change, speculates a new study which is yet to be peer reviewed.

The Sandynallah valley where the team did its sampling. Photo by Sarath Kavil.

Concerns over Sillahalla hydroelectric project coming up in the ecosensitive Nilgiris

The Sillahalla hydroelectric project has reignited fears of an environmental disaster in the Nilgiris region, which has been battered by floods and landslides.

Surplus water from the existing Kundah dam being let out through the Sillahalla stream during August. Photo by Mathimaran.

[Photos] Erosion along Ganga’s riverbanks in West Bengal finds new victims

Villages along the Ganga river, in Samserganj block of West Bengal experienced erosion after several decades.

COVID-19 cripples long-term ecological monitoring research in India

The COVID-19 lockdown has hampered long-term ecological and environmental monitoring projects in India, such as monitoring of coral reefs and climate change impacts.

A Hornbill Nest Adoption Programme nest protector watching a hornbill nest in Arunachal Pradesh. The programme, though paused for a few months during and after the lockdown, has now been revived due to local help. Photo by Devathi Parashuram.

Lost and found: The story of a plant and how a village is trying to protect it

A plant, Olax nana, has been rediscovered in Gujarat more than 100 years after it was last reported and now a village is trying to protect it.

Local community leader Jitubhai Jadeja with Olax Nana. Photo by Jitubhai Jadeja.

[Commentary] Life of chow: a lockdown story

At his parents’ home in Ooty during the lockdown, Siddhartha Krishnan photographed the bounty of chayote growing in the garden.

[Photos] Navigating a world built on palm oil in southern Papua

India and China are among the top importers of palm oil from Indonesia. The growing demand impacts indigenous communities across borders.

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