Your Environment This Week: Joshimath, restoration in Kashmir, first bird count in Nagaland

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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A sinking town in Uttarakhand: What went wrong in Joshimath

Nearly 700 buildings in Joshimath, a culturally and historically important holy town in Uttarakhand, have developed cracks. Local authorities are evacuating residents.

Joshimath is ecologically fragile as it is built on an ancient landslide site. It always had a low bearing capacity. The unplanned construction of dams, tunnels, and roads has led to the current problem.

Assam loco pilots on the need for effective communication to prevent elephant-rail collision

Loco pilots share instances of being targeted for elephant deaths. They state that vague speed limits stipulated by the railways, along with poor visibility of headlights leave them with little room to prevent collisions.

Loco Pilots allege negligence on implementation of safety measures around important elephant corridors. Photo from Northeast Frontier Railway.

Nagaland’s first bird count event spells hope for bird and wildlife documentation in the state

The Tokhü Emong Bird Count is taking steps to promote conservation in the state by creating awareness through birding.

Low coastal catch forces artisan fishers into the deeper, riskier waters of the storm-prone Arabian Sea

As coastal fishing is often unviable, small boat fishers are compelled to fish in deep waters, facing increased risk, expenditure on fuel and equipment, and bad weather.

[Commentary] Tamil Nadu needs an innovative wetland conservation strategy starting with Kazhuveli

Wetlands in Tamil Nadu serve as vital habitats for a diverse array of plants, birds and animals, which include many species that are at risk.

Passive restoration of Kashmir’s forests has improved soil structure and carbon sink

Plantation drives must be based on proper research, otherwise they may jeopardise existing biodiversity.

Wetland conservation in MP limited by low notification of wetlands

Notifications provide legal status to wetlands besides demarcating their boundaries and identifying its zone of influence.

Migratory birds flying at the Bhoj Wetland in Bhopal. The wetland was awarded Ramsar tag in 2002.

Tharu tribal women of Dudhwa battle for their right to the forest

Women from the Tharu tribal community are leading the fight to their community’s right to the forest, that is part of the national park. 

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