Your Environment This Week: Invasive species climb mountains, green GDP

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Despite cultural, technical and other challenges, Kolhapur makes progress in adoption of biogas-linked toilets

25% of the toilets in the district linked to biogas units that convert the waste to fuel while tackling faecal sludge on the spot.

Image shows a man and a woman standing in their farm

Ain’t no mountain high enough: alien invasive plants increasing in higher elevations

Railway and road infrastructure expansion is a contributing factor to the march of invasive alien plant species higher into the mountains.

India gains global prominence in agrochemical production; questions remain on polluting nature of industries

India is one of the leading producers of agrochemicals in the world. While this seems to glow India’s economic growth prospects, questions arise about the polluting nature of the industry.

Union budget gives India’s Green Hydrogen Mission a shot in the arm

Green hydrogen could become an alternative to fossil fuels in long-haul transport like shipping and trucking.

Without considering green GDP, the budget’s claim of green growth is weak

Green GDP takes into account the costs of environmental degradation and climate events.

[Commentary] The green implications of the union budget 2023

It is evident from the union budget 2023 that environmental concerns are dawning into India’s developmental thinking.

Solar powered irrigation system on a farm in India.

Unplanned, faulty buildings tremble under weather events in the fragile Himalayan regions

Building materials in the Himalayas have seen a transition from the traditionally used wood and rock to bricks and concrete.

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