Your Environment This Week: Lithium in India, Odisha’s solar potential

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Odisha’s solar potential seven times more than MNRE estimates, says study

Renewable energy potential in Odisha could be much more if the wastelands and reservoirs are modestly used for solar energy generation

Preliminary exploration of lithium in India offers early hope, but a long journey remains ahead

The recent announcement by India’s Geological Survey of India on its preliminary exploration of lithium reserves has excited many industries dependent on the scarce alkali metal.

Farmers in Kaziranga demand timely, sufficient compensation for the crop raids by wildlife

Many farmers prefer planting other crops and shifting to livestock farming, as profitable crops are being raided by wildlife.

Pinpointing priority areas for mangrove conservation in the Sundarbans

New study maps priority areas for conservation in the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve with species-wise zonation.

Image shows an aerial view of Sundarbans

Cycling can reduce air pollution, but cyclists highly prone to fatalities on Delhi roads

Avid cyclists note that the government should incentivise cycling and make tailor-made policies for cyclists.

Farmers accuse a pesticide production company for distorting their crops; demand compensation and remedial action

During the cotton farming season of 2021, farmers in Bharuch suffered huge economic losses due to crop damage.

[Book review] Birds of the mountains feature in a new book on birds on postage stamps

In a new book, retired Indian Forest Service officer, M. Lokeswara Rao has compiled information about Himalayan birds featured on Indian stamps.

Image shows cover and pages of a book

[Commentary] A safe passage for the jumbos to the islands on the Brahmaputra

The Nameri-Sonai Rupai-Arimora Chapori corridor, is important to ensure minimal human-elephant conflict in the region. 

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