Your Environment This Week: Collecting Rhododendrons, spotting a grumpy cat and detecting climatic spells in the Arctic!

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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How past warm and cold spells in the Arctic influenced India’s monsoon

Warm Arctic conditions were linked to intense rainfall over the Indian subcontinent while cold conditions in the Arctic were associated with weak spells of rain over the Indian subcontinent over the past 1,000 years, say scientists at India’s National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research.

Manul, the ‘grumpiest cat,’ confirmed on the world’s highest mountain

The confirmation by DNA testing marks the first time the elusive cat has been formally recorded in Nepal’s eastern Himalayan region.

[Commentary] As India faces an egg shortage, can insects be a potential solution for protein and nutrition?

Insects, which are rich in protein, micronutrients and iron, are being explored as an option for a source of protein.

Image shows a row of chickens in their coops at a poultry farm

Artisanal fishers of Rameswaram resist polluting shrimp farms on the island

Artisanal fishers of Ariyankundu in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, allege that the shrimp farms behind their village have polluted their groundwater, encroached their commons and that some farms don’t abide by the government rules.

Hydropower projects vulnerable to warming climate and increased precipitation

Hydropower projects are becoming more prone to the impacts of extreme weather events, finds study.

[Commentary] Unleashing the potential of Rhododendrons

Parts of Rhododendron arboreum are valuable as a source of fuel, wood, while its flowers are used to create edible products.

[Interview] Global South needs to come together for a better just transition deal, says Louise Naudé

Louise Naude, a commissioner with Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) in South Africa, emphasised the need for collaboration among Global South countries, especially the ones being considered for JETP, to facilitate better deals.

Louise Naude is a commissioner with the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC), a South African independent, statutory, multi-stakeholder body, established in 2020 by President Cyril Ramaphosa who also chairs the Commission

Abrupt floods and drought-like situations in Assam disrupt farming practices

Due to abrupt floods and droughts, farmers have to cope with technological aid for farming that in turn has, sometimes, led to environmental challenges such as increase in pests.

Bhuten Saikia in his vegetable garden in Rahmaria. Photo by Bondita Baruah.

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