Your Environment This Week: Malnutrition affects cattle, regulating the renewable energy sector, Jammu’s climate vulnerable districts

A harvested farm in India.

More than 80 percent of the farmers in Chhattisgarh belong to the small and marginal category, who now basically feed their animals with paddy straw. Photo by Ajshafeer96/Wikimedia Commons.

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Urban and peri-urban farming can play a small role in reducing carbon footprint

Urban and peri-urban agriculture is gaining popularity in Indian metropolises to encourage climate action and sustainable development.

As renewable sector grows, need for regulating it comes to the fore

As India’s renewable energy sector grows, regulating its uses of natural resources such as land, water and minerals will be crucial.

Malnutrition affects the health and productivity of cattle in Chhattisgarh

Agriculture scientists say that green pastures have vanished due to land use change over the years, leaving no green fodder for the cattle.

Malnourished cows in Chattisgarh.

Finding gondra amid the floods

‘Gondra’ is a river sedge gathered by the Sahariya adivasis. Its roots are used in the manufacture of perfumes and Ayurvedic medicine. But changes in the Sindh river’s ecology are impacting its accessibility.

A woman digs out the roots of the gondra, a river sedge, from Sindh's riverbed. Photo by Poorva Goel.

NGT stays environmental clearance for JSW project in Odisha, protestors relieved

The principle of sustainable development could not be ignored despite the huge investment involved in the project, says NGT.

Jammu’s districts witness climate-induced livelihood vulnerability

The livelihoods of indigenous tribes who practice agriculture, are becoming increasingly vulnerable due to rising temperatures.

The love for momos in Nepal is threatening endangered wild water buffaloes

Crossbreeding of wild and domestic buffaloes is rampant in Nepal as the meat from a crossbreed fetches a higher price. 

water buffaloes

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