Your Environment This Week: Nature-based learning, wildlife roadkills, and India’s melting glaciers

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Latest RBI guidelines to help mobilise domestic capital towards green activities

The RBI has issued a framework for green deposits, meant to be used towards environmentally-sustainable projects.

Nature-based learning programmes improve environment and climate literacy in Chennai

Nature-based educators in the coastal city of Chennai are working to improve environment and climate literacy through outdoor, place-based programmes. They are also taking steps to mainstream nature education in classrooms.

Yuvan (on the left) explaining the dynamics between different types of seashells for the youth climate interns. Photo by Aparna Ganesan.

Flying is riskier for female katydids, finds India’s first insect radio telemetry study

Future research using similar techniques could deepen the understanding of evolutionary behaviour and improve conservation efforts.

A female katydid fitted with a radio tag to study her movements.

Roadkill instances in Jammu and Kashmir increase as highways lengthen

Several critically endangered and near threatened species are falling victim to vehicular collisions in Jammu and Kashmir.

Image shows a jackal carcass


[Interview] Glaciologist Anil Kulkarni on shrinking glaciers and effective policy-level communication

In this interview with Mongabay-India, Anil Kulkarni talks about his experiences while studying glaciers, the state of glaciology in India and the need for revised water sharing practices between India and Pakistan, with the backdrop of melting glaciers in the eastern Himalayas.

Bauxite mining in Jharkhand is impacting soil fertility, people’s health

In Jharkhand’s Gumla district, bauxite mining is making the land barren. It is also affecting people’s health.

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