Your Environment This Week: Rhino rays, tools for the blue economy, dumping trouble in the Nilgiris

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Understanding the role of local communities in the conservation of critically endangered rhino rays

Guitarfish and wedge fish make up 17 species of rhino rays, of which 15 are critically endangered. 

[Commentary] Facilitating progress towards a successful blue economy

Development in the coastal areas has been largely haphazard and there are concerns that conflicts will increase if the blue economy agenda is fast-tracked without planning.

RBI report examines implications of climate change on economic growth and financial stability

Reasonable and sustained progress is crucial across all key carbon-emitting sectors for a sector-specific approach to green transition.

Why are Idu Mishmis resisting a proposed tiger reserve in Dibang Valley?

The plan to notify a tiger reserve, has caused unrest among the Idu Mishmis, as they feel this will ‘hinder their access’ to the forest.

A hill town in Nilgiris district pays the price for poor waste management

Open dump sites, landfills and fragmented forest patches are increasing instances of human-wildlife interactions in Kotagiri.

The return of wild boars in Kashmir threatens the hangul habitat and crop

The wild boar is not native to the region and competes for resources, with the critically endangered hangul, a native species.

This year’s severe heatwave, a threat to the people and food supply in Bangladesh

The heat threatens Bangladesh’s all-important rice crop; government issues an advisory to the farmers to ensure sufficient irrigation. 

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