Your Environment This Week: Jungle cats in farms, mangrove conservation in Gujarat, development in the floodplains

Image shows two women planting saplings in muddy mangrove soil

Once the saplings are taken from the nursery, they are planted at the site in a spaced out manner. Photo by Ravleen Kaur

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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[Explainer] What are floodplains and how have they been managed in India?

Concretisation and development in the country’s floodplains reduce their carrying capacity, which exacerbates urban flooding.

“Justice” takes centrestage in the latest Earth Commission report

The report acknowledges the existence of inequalities and the unjust distribution of resources.

Coastal communities in Gujarat build mangrove barriers with benefits for environment and livelihoods

In Gujarat’s Bharuch district, a community-based, multi-species approach for mangrove conservation, gains traction.

Image shows a clump of saplings in muddy soil

We didn’t start the fire? Speculations over cause of Goa forest fires continue; state plans recovery

In March 2023, forest fires in Goa affected 418 hectares of land, damaging the biodiversity and ecology of the forests.


Deteriorating condition of an elephant exposes Rajasthan’s rehabilitation strategy

In Rajasthan, an elephant rescued from traffickers over 500 days ago, still awaits a suitable shelter.

[Video] Jungle cats adapt to life on a farm

With dwindling natural habitats, the jungle cat has adapted to live in cultivated and artificial landscapes which have a good prey base.

Unseasonal rain, temperature variations affect Alphonso yield and increase prices in Maharashtra

Experts say that climatic aberrations can be countered by following the horticulture practices issued for mango-growers.

With a Russell’s viper and snakebite resurgence, Bangladesh looks to developing antivenom

While snakebites are a significant cause of illness and mortality in Bangladesh, the country still relies on imported antivenom.

[Interview] Money invested in the solar sector skewed towards China and OECD countries: ISA chief Ajay Mathur

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an inter-governmental agency that mobilises action on climate change by promoting solar energy solutions. ISA’s head, Ajay Mathur, speaks to Mongabay-India about the agency’s role in the global solar movement and the scope of G20 in this journey.

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