Your Environment This Week: Alligator gar fish in Dal lake, community-based conservation in Meghalaya and identifying organic products

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Alligator gar fish found in Dal lake raises concerns

Native to North America, the alligator gar is considered an alien fish species in India and could affect Kashmir’s water bodies. 

Image shows a man posing with a fish in a boat

Study finds how community-based conservation efforts influence mammal populations in Meghalaya

Multi-stakeholder conservation efforts and further studies can aid in the conservation of species in the region.

[Explainer] What is organic food? How do we identify organic products?

Unlike conventional farming products, organic food products are demonstrated to have a lower environmental impact.

Habitat loss due to tourism in the Western Ghats pushes endangered frogs to the edge

Deforestation due to infrastructure and plantation expansion threatens the region’s amphibian species. 

[Commentary] RBI’s report envisions India’s low-carbon economy of the future

The latest report offers offers a valuable glimpse into the potential effects of India’s low-carbon transition across different sectors.

Electricity rules amendment could improve green energy access for small consumers

The amendment intends to empower small consumers to access clean electricity by allowing them to aggregate their total capacity.

Ballari’s former mine workers struggle to make space in the rising renewable sector

The emerging renewable sector is not able to bring relief to those unemployed due to restrictions on mining activities.

Glacier recession in the Himalayas increases threat of catastrophic outburst floods, says new study

The formation of new glacial lakes and expansion of existing ones in the Himalayas can potentially release catastrophic volumes of water and trigger glacial lake outburst floods.

Proglacial lake associated with Drang Drung glacier in Zanskar, Kargil of Ladakh region. Photo from Dr Irfan Rashid.





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