Your Environment This Week: Sikkim’s water woes, protecting centuries-old trees, plastic-rock hybrid

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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[Explainer] Why do we use jargon when talking about science?

In scientific parlance, jargon is necessary since it functions as shorthand for specific concepts, when its meaning is know by all parties.

At the National Expo XIII (in 2009) that organised by the 'Central Calcutta Science & Cultural Organisation for Youth' at North 24 Parganas. Photo by Biswarup Ganguly/ Wikimedia Commons.

Madhya Pradesh ranks second in India in stubble burning, farmers unaware of government schemes

Despite the many appeals made by the administration and the existence of schemes to prevent it, stubble burning prevails in MP.

Some farmers say that they burn the stubble to keep the fields ready for the next crop in a short period of time. Photo by Manish Chandra Mishra/Mongabay.

Plastic-rock hybrids found on the Andaman Islands

The impact of plastiglomerates on marine ecosystems is yet to be understood as research on the plastic-rock hybrid is an emerging field.

Solar pumps offer financial relief to West Bengal farmers, but growth is slow

Farmers in West Bengal who switched from diesel or grid electricity to solar-power irrigation pumps say profit margins have increased due to the negation of irrigation costs.

Kolkata attempts to eliminate ‘legacy waste’ in landfills through biomining

The Dhapa landfill has been undergoing biomining and bioremediation — the methods chosen by the NGT for clearing legacy waste.

Miles to sail to harness offshore wind

From power evacuation and financing to environmental clearances, offshore sector needs clarity on several fronts, say experts.

Nordsee One is an offshore wind farm in the German part of the North Sea. India is also planning to bid out 37 gigawatts (GW) equivalent of offshore wind projects by 2029-30. Photo by Capmat007/Wikimedia commons

Sikkim reels under water woes, faces the hottest June

A cloud burst-induced landslide led to acute water shortage in Gangtok; a heatwave this year has aggravated the problem.

A Haryana village opposes construction of government buildings to protect centuries-old trees

The village of Thaska is known for its enormous, well-branched Salvadora trees, that are said to have antibacterial and hypolipidemic capabilities.

[Commentary] A decade after relocation, the lives of Van Gujjars still lack stability and security

Land for schools, health centres and other community facilities, were taken from the land allotted to individuals.

People collecting wood in Uttarakhand. Representative image. Photo by Ashutosh Rawat/ Wikimedia Commons.

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