Your Environment This Week: Green credits as incentives, forest amendment bill, India’s Heat Action Plan

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Controversial forest amendment bill passed in Lok Sabha, but key questions remain unanswered

India’s forest-rich states and committee members, said that the Bill undermines the objective of protecting existing forests.

Himalayas losing glaciers and snow: more hazards in the offing, a new study finds

The rapid melting of glaciers, snow and permafrost is making the mountain region more hazardous.

Communication technologies for deep-sea fishers as cyclones intensify in the Arabian Sea

A warming Arabian Sea is more prone to intense storms, making offshore fishing riskier, longer and less profitable.

[Interview] Joyeeta Gupta: The Indian voice for environmental justice at global platforms

Joyeeta Gupta, Professor of environment and development in the Global South, University of Amsterdam says environmental problems are the direct fallout of our flawed development goals.

Joyeeta Gupta speaking at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. Photo by World Economic Forum - Jakob Polacsek/ Flickr.

[Commentary] Green credits can be an incentive for cities to take climate action based on local need

Urban systems are identified as one among the four critical systems that can accelerate climate action at the global level. 

Depleting groundwater makes it difficult for Rajasthan farmers to use solar pumps

Farmers are selling their solar pumps and have demanded subsidies for more powerful solar pumps that can extract water from a greater depth.

Om Prakash from Indali village in Rajasthan had installed a solar pump for irrigation under the PM Kusum scheme. The solar pump stopped working in 2015. Photo by Parul Kulshrestha/Mongabay.

[Explainer] As heat waves increase, are India’s Heat Action Plans effective?

The effectiveness of India’s Heat Action Plans is under scrutiny as rising temperatures affect the country’s health, economy and energy.

Fences could be a solution for Bangladesh’s human-tiger conflict in the Sundarbans

Authorities in Bangladesh install fences along the rivers & canals that the big cats use to cross into human settlements. Experts say that this measure could help avoid conflicts in the Indian Sundarbans.

A swimming tiger.

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