Your Environment This Week: Mental health impacts of cyclone Ockhi, Rusty-spotted cats, Biofuels

Due to the years of sea erosion and shifting soil profile of the region, the result of which is this one of many dilapidated houses in the village of Eraiviputhenthurai at Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, India. Photo by Narayana Swamy Subbaraman/Mongabay

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Production of rugra, a nutritious mushroom found in Jharkhand, impacted by weather changes

Rugra cannot be grown in a controlled environment like other mushrooms, though there are efforts to investigate this possibility.

A seller picking Rugra in a Mandi in Ranchi.

[Commentary] The Global Biofuels Alliance is an aspiration that needs careful direction

Biofuels are cleaner than fossil fuels but selecting the right biofuel technologies is crucial to avoid contributing to climate change.

Keoladeo National Park to install 100 camera traps to monitor rusty-spotted cats

India is home to 80% of the rusty-spotted cat population. However, the elusive species, that thrives in deciduous forests, scrub lands and agricultural land holdings, is not well studied.

Intercepting the illegal capture of migratory birds in south-central West Bengal

In West Bengal, local nonprofits and state forest department have joined hands to stop illegal trapping and sale of migratory birds that visit the state’s large wetlands.

Six years on, cyclone Ockhi survivors battle lingering mental health impacts

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[Interview] Former forest officer Rajiv Bhartari on zoning in Corbett Tiger Reserve and its impacts

In conversation with Mongabay-India, Rajiv Bhartari, now a retired forest officer, who has had a unique insider’s view of Corbett Tiger Reserve since 1993, talks about the process, challenges and consequences of different zoning policies in Corbett Tiger Reserve.

[Book Review] Pioneer ecologist Madhav Gadgil on his life spent in, and for, India’s biodiversity

Covering his early fascination with elephants, his academic and field journeys, Gadgil talks about his experiences which shaped his ferocious, people-centric approach to biodiversity conservation.

Researchers in Nepal still puzzled over the super flock of pigeons last winter

Climate factors may also have played a part, particularly the impact of heavy rains on the birds’ overwintering grounds in Pakistan.

A common wood pigeon.

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