Your Environment This Week: Disappearing mountain springs, Kachchh potters, Tilapia enters the sea

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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[Commentary] The silent crisis of mountain springs and its implications

The drying of half of the springs in the Indian Himalayas will impact villages, cities, and the millions that depend on them downstream.

Tilapia, a highly adaptable and invasive fish, found growing in marine waters

Tilapia, typically found in aquaculture facilities, has been found in the coastal waters off Tamil Nadu.


Residents, activists claim new Goa airport construction has impacted water availability

Local residents of North Goa routinely face water shortages that they allege is due to the airport construction on the Barazan plateau.

Image shows a man standing on a bridge with a small stream flowing by

Green Credit Scheme’s ‘methodology’ doesn’t inspire confidence among experts

Experts raise concerns about the environmental soundness of the scheme and regulatory gaps missing in the methodology.

Kachchh potters fired up for change with improved kiln

In the Kachchh region, improved kilns have reduced fuel requirement to 40-50%, as well as reduced time to four to five hours.

Extreme rainfall events quadrupled in Meghalaya due to climate change, says study

Future scenarios project extreme one-day events to double annually in the 2050-2079 period.

From sun to plate: India yet to embrace solar cooking benefits

Harnessing sunshine for cooking could cut emissions and costs, but incentives needed for scale and innovation.

How unplanned coal mine closures in India are affecting dependent communities, especially women

The closure of ten mines in Madhya Pradesh, triggered social and economic challenges, especially for women.

Wildcats found in India gain international conservation status at CMS COP14

There is limited information on the distribution and status of wilcats in India and they also face several threats.

Pallas's cats are primarily found in Central Asia, with their range extending to western Iran, Mongolia, China, Russia (on the border of Mongolia and China), Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Photo by Khenrab Phuntsog

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