Your Environment This Week: Farming with AI, Hybridisation in langurs, Majuli’s shrinking wetlands

Employees assembling 'FIA QD10' - a precision spraying agricultral drone inside the Fuselage's R&D Lab at Kochi, Kerala, India. Photo by Narayana Swamy Subbaraman/Mongabay

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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The dietary habits of endangered vultures

The decline of vultures in the Indian subcontinent has been intricately linked to their dietary patterns.

Experimenting with shed design to reduce heat stress in livestock, poultry

Dairy farmers are espousing innovative techniques to reduce heat stress in livestock, poultry.

Species no bar: Langurs forge unusual alliances in the wild

Scientists are finding evidence of mixed species associations and hybridisation between Nilgiri and Hanuman langurs in the Anamalai region of the Western Ghats.

Bengaluru rings alarm bells for urban water concerns

Amidst a water crisis in Bengaluru, experts advocate optimal water use, effective recycling and recharging of water bodies.

To deal with the water crisis in Bengaluru, the government has curtailed water supplies to big users such as corporates and started penalising people for wasteful use of water.

Farming with AI and drones to increase yields, manage resources and reduce pests

Tech-savvy farmers in Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana are embracing agritech solutions for climate resilient agriculture.

[Photos] Women, heat and informal housing

A steady rise in temperatures in Telangana is causing heat stress to women in urban slums, who lack access to several basic amenities.

Engaging in long hours of constant physical labour in intense heat and limited resources, impacts the health of women and young girls.

Marine plastic pollution is not just a waste problem; reducing production is needed too

From reducing plastic production to managing plastic waste, controlling plastic pollution needs a holistic approach.

Nurdles are lentil-sized plastic pellets, a raw material for almost all plastic products. Photo by Shaunak Modi/Coastal Conservation Foundation

Climate litigation has entered the room. But could great Indian bustards be inched out?

A recent Supreme Court order stated individuals had the right to be free against the adverse effects of climate change, which legal experts say could open the door to more climate litigation in India.

Majuli’s shrinking wetlands and their fight for survival

A large number of people have historically depended on the wetlands for food and traditional livelihoods.

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