Your Environment This Week: Indoor saffron farming, Hydroponic fodder, Decreasing food loss with agritech

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Indoor saffron farming offers hope amidst declining saffron production

Indoor saffron farming offers greater control over environmental conditions and minimises crop vulnerability to extreme weather events.

Technologies to decrease food loss and increase farmer incomes

About 14% of the world’s food gets lost between harvest and the stores. Post-harvest agritech solutions aim to solve these issues.

Measuring the scavenging value of vultures

A new paper highlights the benefits of investing in captive breeding and vulture safe zones.

Red-headed vulture eating prey. Photo by Timothy A Gonsalves/Wikimedia Commons.

Wildlife rescue operations in Kashmir face an uphill battle with rising human-wildife conflict

There are regular reports of wild bears and leopards in Kashmir, venturing out of forests in search of food, resulting in encounters with humans and their livestock. Some of these culminate in fatal attacks.

Dr. Mohsin Ali Gazi (incharge veterinary officer) along with staff treating a leopard in Kashmir: Image- Arranged from Dr Mohsin Ali Gazi

Revolutionising dairy farming with hydroponic fodder amidst a fodder shortage

Experts say hydroponic fodder is not a new concept in India, but its demand has risen in the last few years.

Pathogens find new pathways as agriculture, deforestation intensify

Zoonotic diseases often maintain a silent cycle but are increasingly affecting human populations due to forest habitat disruption.

New rules spell giant troubles for jumbos

There is a growing fear that the ambiguously worded transfer clauses would facilitate easy sale and unauthorised transfer of elephants.

Farmers seek solar fencing machines to keep stray cattle at bay

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh have been facing difficulties while guarding their crops from stray cattle.

Port project in Maharashtra cleared by environment ministry despite opposition from fishing villages

As the controversial Vadhavan port project in Maharashtra awaits the union cabinet nod, fishing communities and marine researchers say that the project would have impacts on the biodiversity and marine life in the region.

Study highlights difference in environmental footprints between economic strata in India

The study underscores the significant influence of consumption patterns on environmental footprints.

A shopping mall in India

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