Your Environment This Week: Frogs and Mushroom, Heatwave, Planetary health and Anxiety

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Indian Ocean headed for a near-permanent state of marine heatwave

With increasing marine heat waves, cyclones can intensify, putting fisheries and people living along the coastline, at risk.

India has a long coastline and around seven million people depend on fishing and allied activities. Marine heatwaves are a direct threat to their livelihood. Photo by Nidhi Jamwal

Eco-anxiety soars as planet health plummets

Climate anxiety, ecological anxiety, eco-anxiety, or environmental anxiety are umbrella terms used to describe a spectrum of mental and emotional responses to the effects of climate change.

The curious case of a frog and a fungus

Five herpetologists recently identified a frog with a mushroom growing on its skin in the Western Ghats.

[Commentary] Indigenous traditions honour muggers amidst modern challenges

The annual Maange Thapnee ritual in Ponda, Goa, is an agrarian tradition symbolising the relationship between people and muggers, highlighting the cultural significance of coexistence.

[Commentary] Climate judgement reveals nuanced interplay between biodiversity and renewable energy

While hailed for its focus on protecting life from climate impacts, the judgement highlights concerns over balancing renewable energy development with biodiversity protection.

Scientists to set sail to revive Indian Ocean observations hit by COVID-19

Situated in the warmest ocean that influences global weather, the observation system is crucial for storm forecasting.

Research Moored Array for African-Asian-Australian Monsoon Analysis and Prediction

[Commentary] From poll booths to weather stations, the heat is on

Heatwaves, droughts and floods do not distinguish along political lines. If the destruction is across board, the mitigating action also has to be across political lines, writes Mongabay-India’s Managing Editor, S. Gopikrishna Warrier, in this commentary.

Tender coconut waste: a tough nut to crack

Recycling tender coconut husk into value added products has a huge potential in India but segregating it at source is a challenge.

[Interview] “This is in honour of adivasis fighting for their land, water, forest,” says Goldman Prize winner Alok Shukla

Chhattisgarh-based environmental activist Alok Shukla was conferred the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for leading a community campaign to protect the forests of Hasdeo Arand from mining projects.

Shukla spoke to Mongabay-India about what winning the Goldman Prize means, the role of political parties and courts in peoples’ movements and the importance of recognising the power of gram sabhas in forest governance matters.

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