About Mongabay-India


Mongabay-India is a nonprofit environment and conservation news platform that brings high-quality, original reports from nature’s frontline in India. We look at India’s development through the prism of environment and conservation.

Mongabay-India is the India-specific portal of the global news platform mongabay.com, and is published in English and Hindi. Rhett A. Butler founded mongabay.com in 1999 out of his passion for tropical forests. He named the site Mongabay after an island in Madagascar.

Mongabay produces original reporting in English, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese by leveraging over 800 correspondents in some 70 countries.

We are dedicated to evidence-driven objective journalism. Our main beats are forests, wildlife, oceans, and the conservation sector. We also undertake special reporting projects, which are deep dives on specific topics and geographies.

Mongabay’s readership includes conservationists, scientists, policymakers, officials in development agencies, business leaders, journalists and civil society, among others.

Our articles are produced under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives 4.0 International License allowing other outlets to use our content, commercially or non-commercially, at no cost. With our high readership and CC license, Mongabay plays a role in shaping the media discourse around key environment-related topics.


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