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Chennai city flooded after Cyclone Nivar in 2020.

[Explainer] What is Loss and Damage?

Ahead of the 27th United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) to be held in Cairo, Egypt, in November 2022, there are growing demands for a Loss and Damage (L&D) Finance…
Chennai city flooded after Cyclone Nivar in 2020.

Tracking methane emissions for mitigation

Methane-monitoring satellites that zoom in on sources of the climate-warming gas show that landfills contributed to more than 25% of methane emissions in Mumbai and 6% in Delhi. In Pune,…

Who is extracting Goa’s groundwater?

Erwin Fonseca, a 47-year-old farmer lives in Goa’s Assagao, a village near the coast in the northern district of the state. He owns approximately 1,600 square metres of land in…
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