Mongabay series: Environomy

"Environomy" is the name we have given to this series of stories on environmental economics. This is a hitherto unexplored area in Indian journalism, where the environment and economics are reported in depth separately, but the intersectionality between the two remains unarticulated. We plan to explore the environmental implications of economic policy decisions and vice versa. We would focus on the economic value of conserving biodiversity, the economics of climate change action, and from the perspective of India's energy transitions.

Kerala farmers go bananas over diversity

“Every district in Kerala has its favourite banana,” said Nishanth K., a 49-year-old banana farmer, from Kerala’s Wayanad district, who has over 250 varieties of bananas on his farm. “Wayanad…

Scavenging hyenas save carcass disposal costs

While vultures are greatly appreciated for taking care of carcasses, there is another scavenger whose contribution is often overlooked: the humble hyena. A new study, published in August, found that…
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