Mongabay series: Everyday Solutions

What can I do about it? This is a common questions from people who read and hear about the status of India's environment and biodiversity. As an answer to this, our series on Everyday Solutions, aims to look at some of ways that anyone can contribute to sustainability. Global research released in 2021, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and commissioned by WWF, shows that public interest in, and concern for nature has risen markedly (16%) in the between 2016-2021. People all over the world, particularly in developing economies are increasingly aware of the planetary crisis. More consumers all over the world are now changing their behaviour, such as amending their purchasing habits in line with their values.  As public sentiment tips towards ensuring our planet and its residents are protected, we offer a series on stories on everyday solutions where we highlight ways that sustainability can be incorporated into people's daily lives.