Your Environment This Week: EcoHope with poachers turning protectors, fluoride warriors and freshwater turtle conservation

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Bringing freshwater turtles out of their shells and into the spotlight

Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises of India is a collective, led by women, working to spotlight the 29 species of freshwater turtles and tortoises currently reported in India.

MP’s ‘fluoride warriors’ unleash citizen science to empower community

Social science students in Madhya Pradesh are documenting excess fluoride in water points through a citizen science approach using smartphones and portable fluoride detection kits.

It’s hello tourism, bye-bye vultures at MP heritage festival

Preparations for a tourism festival in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh are impacting breeding of vultures which nest on the town’s old buildings undergoing restoration for the festival.

Marine subsidies are a mess, say small scale fishers of southern Karnataka

A focus on the welfare of small scale fishers and incentivisation of subsidies to encourage compliance to regulation are both critical to improving the situation, say experts.

A journey through the clouds to improve Indian monsoon forecast

Aircraft-based measurements over land surfaces in India and adjacent oceans are helping scientists design ways to improve monsoon forecasting and climate projections.

Periyar Tiger Reserve, a trendsetter in converting poachers to protectors

India’s first participatory forest management project comprising solely of former poachers and smugglers, completes 17 years of conservation in Periyar Tiger Reserve of Kerala.

Land banks could deny communities rights over land: report

Investments worth about Rs 13.7 trillion (Rs 13.7 lakh crore) were embroiled in ongoing land conflicts across India which, on average, impact about 10,600 people in every conflict.

Why India needs its fishers to save dugongs and their seagrass habitat

Seagrass habitats can combat climate change by acting as massive carbon sinks by capturing carbon from the atmosphere. They also protect vulnerable coastlines from rising tides.

POSCO repeat: Resistance brewing against JSW’s steel project in Odisha

Dhinkia village in Odisha has passed a resolution to resist JSW Utkal Steel, the new owners who took over a steel mine from South Korean steel major POSCO.

Kerala’s fishing beaches littered with large amounts of fishing debris

In beaches with a greater intensity of fishing activities, plastic waste was four times higher than those with a lower fishing intensity.

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