Your Environment This Week: COVID-19 lockdown impacts agriculture and fisheries

This week’s environment and conservation news stories rolled into one.

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Fishers try to stay afloat amid lockdown

The fisheries sector contributes to over one percent of India’s Gross Domestic Product and directly supports the livelihood of about 16 million people.

No escape from environmental distress as migrants return home in pandemic lockdown

Food security will likely be a major concern for migrant populations, particularly for children.

Staying indoors in heat-vulnerable, low-income neighbourhoods

Amid COVID-19 induced lockdown and social distancing, environmental health experts are worried if people in low-income settlements will stay indoors when temperatures start rising.

Bioresource access and benefit-sharing: How far have we come in India?

Several national legislations and guidelines are in place, but challenges range from tracing users of bio-resources to lack of legal mechanisms for benefit payments.

In the post-COVID world, health security must be a matter of national security

India needs to produce pharmaceuticals locally, increase its allocation to healthcare and focus on public health, writes Shahid Jameel, virologist and CEO of the Wellcome Trust India Alliance.

A passenger in a local train in Mumbai with a mask. Photo by Kartik Chandramouli/Mongabay.

[Commentary] The last tiger of Ajanta

In this commentary, wildlife biologist Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi touches upon personal experience to talk of rewilding landscapes.

Govt pushes for post facto environment clearances while apex court disapproves

The order has broader significance as it conflicts with the overall direction that the environment ministry seeks to take towards legitimising industries operating without clearances.

Bishnois organise and educate themselves for conservation

Taking its efforts beyond the realm of religion, the community has been organising itself into formal bodies that can fight its own fight.

Ecological civilisation and the new global biodiversity framework

This commentary by ex-NBA chairpeson Balakrishna Pisupati sets the tone for blending the concept of ecological civilisation into the Zero Draft of the new global biodiversity framework.

Leopards in a spot in Rajasthan

Unrestricted tourism, coupled with habitat loss, poaching and unregulated construction activity in unprotected areas, puts the leopard at risk due to conflict with humans.

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