Mongabay series: The India Water Story

Water is an integral part of India's growth story, whether it is for the country’s growing energy needs or for maintaining food security. However, India is a water-scarce country and the overexploitation of water resources could turn into a barrier for this growth story. With The India Water Story series, Mongabay-India aims to document the status of India’s water resources and examine the link between political/economic activities and water. In this series we will look at the varied forms of water and the impacts on them, including the monsoon, pollution, access to water, business of water, aquatic biodiversity, or its industrial, domestic, and agricultural use. The series will also look into complex facets including the impact of climate change on Himalayan glaciers to India’s monsoon, contamination of water to overexploitation of groundwater, droughts to floods, pollution of water bodies to sewage treatment plants, piped drinking water to sanitation, waterways to aquatic biodiversity, and ecological flow in rivers to hydropower projects. It will further analyse how the national and state governments are spending their budgets on water-related issues and the role of India's industry in innovating to address water-associated challenges.