Mongabay series: Wetland Champions

Among all the ecosystems in a biologically and ecologically diverse country such as India, the wetlands are the least reported in the media space, and in turn get less discussed in the public and the policy space. Amidst this rather bleak story for wetlands, there are individuals and communities that have understood the ecological significance and the importance of the ecosystem services that wetlands provide, and have been working to conserve them. We feature these individuals and communities in our Wetland Champions series. For many thousands across the country, a wetland is more than a pretty picture. It is intrinsically linked to their very survival – it is a source of water for drinking and domestic use, for fishing and for agriculture. In many other places, this water body is where migratory birds and other wildlife thrive. And for some, it is part of a region’s environmental heritage. Through 25 features, our series goes around the country, from the coast to the mountains, from big rivers to small streams and from individual heroes to active communities.